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Spectral DNC® is the world's most effective topical hair loss treatment.

Are you tired of using hair re-growth products that do not work?

Spectral DNC® is the answer. Spectral DNC®, designed for androgenic alopecia and other types of hair loss in men, is the world's BEST topical hair loss treatment. Rogaine® and other topical hair loss treatments on the market do not come close to the effectiveness of this product.

Why is Spectral DNC better than other hair re-growth products?

There are several reasons why Spectral DNC® is the best hair re-growth treatment. First of all, Spectral DNC is the ONLY hair loss treatment that combines two ingredients that are clinically proven to re-grow hair: Minoxidil and Aminexil SP94. If you are not familiar with these two ingredients, Minoxidil is the active ingredient used in Rogaine® and Aminexil SP94, recently discovered by L'oreal after 10 years of extensive research, is the active ingredient used in L'oreal's new hair regrowth solution. Both of these ingredients have been tested in hundreds of clinical studies on thousands of volunteers and have been shown effective in the treatment of hair loss. However, studies indicate that some people react better to one ingredient than the other. So, why take your chances? With Spectral DNC, you are guaranteed to see results.

Moreover, u nlike Rogaine and other hair loss products, Spectral DNC mixes these two active ingredients clinically proven to re-grow hair in the most natural, nourishing and effective substances.

Unlike Rogaine that mixes minoxidil with ethanol (alcohol) and propylene glycol, Spectral DNC couples minoxidil with retinol (a vitamin-A derived substance). Clinical studies have proven that retinol facilitates the scalps absorption of the minoxidil and that when retinol is mixed with minoxidil it gives significantly better results than when Minoxidil is mixed with alcohol. And on top of that, can ethanol be good for your scalp?

Spectral DNC also contains a Vitamin Complex rich in Biotin and Mineral Salts. This provides your hair with energy and accelerates the metabolism of the hair follicle. As Physical and emotional stresses contribute to hair loss by reducing the vitamins and mineral salts in your body, Spectral DNC® targets this problem with a unique vitamin complex from the finest raw ingredients.

Furthermore, Spectral DNC has Ivy, Hops and Capsicum Herbal Extracts. DS Laboratories included these ingredients in the Spectral DNC because they penetrate deep into the scalp next to the roots and speed up the circulation and the nutrition of the affected tissues, causing the weakened hair strands to recover. Also, these ingredients dramatically boost the effectiveness of Minoxidil and Aminexil SP94 and promote hair that is healthy and strong.

Lastly, Spectral DNC is the ONLY hair re-growth treatment that encapsulates all its active ingredients in travel agents known as nanosomes. Nanosomes is a proprietary technology unique to DS Laboratories. Nanosomes are microspheres that act as a travel agents and are about 200 times smaller than cells. They penetrate deep into the epidermis and continuously release the active ingredients over a 12-15 hour period. Therefore, nanosomes guarantee that all the active ingredients in Spectral DNC reach the deepest layer of the scalp to maximize efficiency.

So, what else can you ask for?

Spectral DNC has the only two ingredients clinically proven to re-grow hair, coupled with the most nourishing substances for your hair and scalp, all of which are encapsulated in microspheres that will penetrate the scalp to the deepest layer to maximize efficiency.

Give it a try! It will change your life!

Spectral DNC's active ingredients are ingredients:

•  Minoxidil 4.5%

•  Aminexil SP94

•  Retinol

•  Vitamin Complex

•  Mineral Complex

•  Herbal Extracts

•  Nanosomes

UPC 6 89076 32739 8 Spectral.DNC 60 ml

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