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Radia Conditioner

Radia: Condition hair without the dull buildup.

Radia Clarifying & Softening Conditioner reveals a natural, healthy shine because its advanced technologies repair and soften hair fibers without leaving a residue. This conditioner can be used daily both to avoid the deposits left by regular conditioners and to repel the buildup of other styling products.

Softening activities result from compounds that seal the hair, retain cortical moisture, rebuild strands, and shield them from further environmental assault, all without any greasy residue of their own.

Dullness and roughness can attach and persist when mass-market conditioners are allowed to coat hair fibers with toxic deposits. A clarifying conditioner, however, can resist buildup from personal-care products, including chemicals like silicone (dimethicone), cationic cetrimonium bromide, and polymers such as quaternary ammonium compounds. Calcium, copper, and other ions found in bathwater can also build up on hair.

Radia can be used as a daily conditioner, and its regular use means that other hair products can deliver their optimal effects as well. So users can enjoy maximum radiance and shine.

UPC 7 36211 77865 9 Radia Conditioner 180 ml

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