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Polaris NR-09

Like no other topical treatment yet devised, Polaris NR-09 halts and reverses androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) most aggressively. It works via three major pathways: 1) NR-09 delivers an unprecedented 15% concentration of the proven hair-growth agent minoxidil, compared with just 5% in over-the-counter foams. 2) NR-09 is low in propylene glycol to minimize any potential for irritation. 3) NR-09 includes thymosin β4, a polypeptide growth factor that promotes angiogenesis and mediates cellular proliferation to stimulate follicular regeneration. The formula also includes the growth agents GHK-Cu copper peptides, procyanidin B-2, and adenosine. Sophisticated Liposphere technology delivers compounds deeper into the scalp, where they persist longer.

UPC 7 36211 02964 5

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