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Hair Regrowth System Step 2: Minoxidil Topical Spray / 60 ml

Indications. Sigma Skin’s Hair Regrowth System Step 2 is indicated for men who do not want to undergo transplant surgery or systemic drug therapy to treat their thinning hair.

Activities. Men count on this high-grade Minoxidil Topical Spray because minoxidil is the most widely studied, prescribed, and proven ingredient found to reverse hair loss and regrow hair. Numerous clinical studies over three decades have found that 5% minoxidil correlates with:

• Cessation of hair loss from the vertex of the scalp,

• Earlier and longer anagen growth by hair follicles, and

• Increased size of hair follicles and strands.

In vitro, effects also include greater cellular proliferation, inhibition of collagen synthesis, and stimulation of vascular endothelial growth factor.

Three decades of dermatological study into minoxidil mean that men with a family history of baldness can expect to retain and regrow hair. So you keep your edge by continuing to appear younger longer.

Directions. For external use only. For use by men only. Twice per day, apply 1 ml with the sprayer (five sprays) directly onto the scalp in the affected area and rub it in with the fingers. Using more or using it more often will not improve results. Do not apply to other parts of the body.

Key compound. Minoxidil 5%

Ingredients. Propylene glycol 50% v/v, alcohol 30% v/v, purified water, minoxidil 5% w/v

Dimensions. 7.1 cm wide, 13.7 cm high, 7.2 cm deep

UPC. 7 18122 34106 1

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