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is the first treatment
to deploy Nanoxidil
for men and women

Unlike anything before, Spectral.DNC-N is the first hair-follicle treatment to employ Nanoxidil 5%, a powerful new alternative to minoxidil, with high efficacy and no known side effects.

Broad market.
The solution works for both men and women with mild to severe loss.

Whole head.
Spectral.DNC-N delivers results both at the vertex and along the hairline, unlike minoxidil.

Latest science.
The formula encourages hair-follicle health and growth by opening ion channels, inhibiting androgen metabolism, suppressing dihydrotestosterone, and blocking inflammation.

Premium ingredients.
Spectral.DNC-N also includes Aminexil®, procyanidin B-2, adenosine, copper peptides, and retinol.

Long lasting.
The key compounds treat continuously for 12 hours — longer than any conventional product — due to the advanced Nanosome encapsulation used in Spectral.DNC-N.

0.4 MB Proven.
In an independent study of users:
95% reported less hair loss,
90% reported increased strength,
75% reported increased growth.

 This breakthrough hair-support system means strength and growth for both men and women.

UPC 7 36211 02944 7 Spectral.DNC-N 60 ml (Universal)
UPC 6 09207 62093 8 Spectral.DNC-N 60 ml (Canada)

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